View projectHands on HF

Hands on HF

Hands on HF is a clinical tool to help medical professionals calculate drugs correct dosage.
View projectLiteracia 3D

Literacia 3D

Literacia 3D is an app to prepare students for the Literacia national challenge.
View projectfebre-i-dor


Febre-i-dor is the new app to calculate and keep records of child medication during fever or pain episodes. It also keeps track of a child’s history and fever episodes as well as sharing between other authorized users (i.e. grandparents, pediatrician, etc).
View projectVivaGas


Vivagas by Memoria Visual allows you to find the nearest and most economical gas stations for all fuel types across Portugal.
View projectAnesthesia Basic Support

Anesthesia Basic Support

Anesthesia Basic Support is an app developed for the anesthesiology doctors of IPO, the central Oncology Hospital (Instituto Português de Oncologia de Lisboa, Francisco Gentil - E. P. E. Serviço de Anestesiologia).
View projectHematology for GP

Hematology for GP

Hematology for GP is a clinical decision tool, to assist General Practitioners in screening patients for hematology.
View projectMarket App

Market App

The Market App is an application for professional sellers to manage their classified ads business on-the-go. From managing ads to inventory management, statistics and replying to customer inquiries, it keeps you on top of your business in real-time.
View projectEV Exames

EV Exames

“EV Exames” is an app for students to prepare for the national exams, from the 4th to the 12th grade. Developed for Porto Editora, the largest portuguese media publisher, it is the new mobile companion to the virtual school web portal.
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View is an online platform for the sports aficionado. A source for news, stats, encyclopedia, competitions calendar, community, as well as information on national and international competitions, big or small.
View projectCOVID-19


Our project sets out to be a daily updated unified source of data and statistics on the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in affected countries.
View projectBeeq


Beeq is a brand new 100% portuguese electric bicycle brand and manufacturer. Headquarted in Vila Nova de Gaia, Beeq relies on the best materials, design and manufacture to deliver the bike of the future.
View projectRTE


RTE is the bike manufacturer for some of the biggest sports retailers in Europe.
View projectAltano Douro

Altano Douro

Altano Douro is one of the brands of Symington Family Estates and produces a variety of DOC Douro wine
View projectWarre's


Another brand from the Symington family, Warre's was founded in 1670 and has established itself with the principle of innovating through inspiration from proven tradional practices.
View projectSPEDM


The Portuguese Journal of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism is a scientific peer reviewed journal published by the Portuguese Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.
View projectCockburn's


Memória Visual developed the brand's new website showcasing its wines, history and family values.
View projectGraham's


Graham's is one of the leading Port Wine producers in the world and has a history that traces back to almost two centuries. Owned by the Symington family, it boasts an assortment of highly praised Vintage Ports.
View projectSociedade Portuguesa de Neurologia

Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurologia

The Portuguese Society of Neurology is a scientific organization that aims to expand knowledge on disorders of the nervous system.
View projectSINAPSE


SINAPSE is a scientific peer reviewed journal dedicated to disorders of the nervous system published by the Portuguese Society of Neurology.
View projectSymington


Memória Visual is proud to be Symington's technological partner either in revamping company's websites such as Cockburn's, or by structuring a solid backoffice platform to provide an intuitive content management workflow.
View projectSociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia

Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia

The Portuguese Society of Rheumatology is a scientific organization that aims to expand knowledge on rheumatic diseases, promote medical training and sponsor research projects.
View projectActa Reumatólogica Portuguesa

Acta Reumatólogica Portuguesa

Acta Reumatólogica Portuguesa is a scientific peer reviewed journal dedicated to rheumatic diseases and issues related to Rheumatology.

BoatsandOutboards is the IT place for boat enthusiasts in the United Kingdom. The number one UK website for boats, it offers a safe way to find any type of boat on the market as well as trailers, moorings and other boat related equipment and accessories
View projectBoatshop24


The perfect source for boat enthusiasts in search of the best deals. An international marketplace filled with boats of all kinds as well as trailers. On Boatshop24 you can find any type of boat for sale, from motor boats to sailboats, inflatables or jetboats. Boatshop24 aims to be a safe place on the web to assist in boat finding.
View is the new portal and social network for everything cars. A unique destination for everyone, from the car enthusiast to the casual driver, with the largest car information base on the web.

A website packed full of horses, trailers, and other related equine products/services for sale across the whole of USA. Horseclicks aim is to create the best horse marketplace on the web and helping owners finding the best care and advice for their horse.