• Autoviva
Autoviva, the bot for car enthusiasts, is now on Facebook Messenger. In the words of the bot: “Search for any car you like and I’ll keep track of any interesting news that might come up! I also bring daily breaking news from the auto world, with some surprises thrown in for you to discover.”
Autoviva is your personal petrolhead agent, working flat out to bring updates on the cars you love. Tell me the car you’re looking for and I go to work. Enjoy fresh news, in our app or delivered to your favourite messenger, from a selection of curated sources. It’s that simple.
Search for any car, and add to your virtual garage. If it exists, it’s in autoviva, it’s all the worlds car in your pocket. For some quick fun, enjoy the micro-apps such as like battle and quizzes to test your car knowledge.