User Interface/UX Designer Explorer

Are you looking for El Dorado? No? Neither are we, but we’re working on some major exciting mobile projects that need an enterprising design soul. 
Wanted, very much alive: a sharp mind to work on hard problems, on communicating, discovering new things, breaking new ground in familiar surroundings.
Our current projects are growing fast, with millions of visitors per month. We’re expanding to several countries in Europe and the Americas and like to break boundaries in design and technology for web and mobile.
Our ultimate goal is to reach a truly global audience of engaged users. It’s an ambitious long term journey, want to join us?
We value diverse backgrounds but here’s a good start:
- bent on playing a key role on the projects you work on
- you actually love design, do stuff that people love to use
- details matter to you, down to the pixel level
- like to devise experiences but no stranger to pushing pixels
- happy working with people that push your talent
Not really you? well, if all else fails:
- You do know the exact location of El Dorado. In that case get in touch with us.
If all the above really gets sparks flying in your head, then tell us more about yourself, examples of your work are a must, show us what you´ve been up to.
This is a fulltime position.