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AI and bots Research Engineer

People increasingly expect a great customer experience and real-time replies. They also enjoy uncomplicated, engaging experiences and buying on their smartphone.
Unfortunately quality customer experience is hard and solving this at scale is either impossible or too expensive. 
Or is it?
Bots and AI are the new digital frontier. As people spend more time in chat clients and voice assistants, bots become a key way to reach users and give them a great experience. 
Our AI platform is tackling these hard problems and needs the help of software engineers or talented researchers with a practical mindset. This means we need big brains as well as a passion for building products.
Feeling lucky? Here’s the deal:
- Degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, or relevant work experience in AI field
- up to date on the latest advancements in natural language processing, deep learning and reinforcement learning
- Hands-on experience in processing and analyzing high-dimensional data.
- Proven ability to discover problems and produce algorithmic solutions.
- experience with a programming language such as Python, Node.js, or R is valued.
- You’ve solved the Hodge Conjecture. Just kidding.
We’re based at UPtec Polo do Mar, Leça da Palmeira, Porto, with sailboats, assorted fish, beaches and the sea at our doorstep.

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